Round Face Hairstyles

What cuts to highlight a round face?

You should always choose haircuts that counterbalance the curves of your face, refining them by providing both length and volume. As always, it’s all about balancing the proportions of the neck, the cheeks and the haircut. For example, if your hair is thick, you may want to use cuts that fall below the chin, such as a long gradient from the mouth, to remove volume from the sides, which would enhance the impression of roundness. Also ask your hairdresser to increase the volume at the top of the head, to lengthen the face and make it look more oval. It’s best to keep your hair long or medium-length, but cuts like a plunging bob that’s not too short, or a loose bob that’s full of dynamism and unstructured, will work well for a round face, especially if you have fine hair. As far as hairstyles are concerned, we always think of refining the face by lengthening it, for example with a spike braid, a high bun that is a little bit loose or a high ponytail with hair that is not too pulled back.

What cuts to avoid

There are several things to remember when you have a beautiful round face: forget the straightening iron, to take better advantage of the volume of your natural curls, avoid parting your hair in the middle and all cuts and hairstyles that could bring more roundness to your face such as the bob, the strict bob, the bowl cut or even the low bun

Can I get bangs when I have a round face

Contrary to popular belief, you can dress up your round face with bangs, you just have to choose a rather long, non-horizontal fringe, such as an asymmetrical bangs, particularly recommended for round faces with a large forehead.

What haircuts when you’re 50?

After 50, you don’t always want to keep your hair too long. So opt for a short but still unstructured cut, with a nice gradient, or even a pixie cut with crazy locks to bring some pep to the whole.

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