Best Hairstyles For Each Face Shape

Use face shape detector to find your face shape and the best hairstyles for each face shape

Round shapes

A round face is characterized by equal width and length, full cheeks and a shape that is close to a circle. The right haircut can help you slim and lengthen your face smoothly. To break up the roundness, focus on volume at the roots rather than on the sides of the face. Avoid cheek-length hair at all costs, such as short bobs and ball hairstyles. Instead, opt for a mid-length or long haircut to lengthen your hair. As for bangs, side bangs will enhance your look more than straight bangs that tend to pack you in.

Examples: Long Wavy Layers, Pixie With Deep Side Part, Textured Lob, Long Side-Swept Waves, Beachy Waves With Center-Part

Square Faces

You have a strong jawline, your forehead and chin are aligned and rather wide? Then you have a square face. You will see that with an adapted haircut, this face shape can be very feminine! In your case, we avoid very short, boyish haircuts, which will emphasize your jawline. Exit also the too long hair and without volume. To sublimate your face, turn to layered, asymmetrical cuts, all in movement, and give volume to the roots. Long wavy bob, plunging bob, long layered hair, nappy hair… And soften the angles as much as possible with wavy hairstyles, hairstyle-unwaved!

Examples: Curly Bob, Angled Bob, Long and Voluminous and Tousled Lob

Oblong shapes

Your features are drawn very long, your forehead is narrow and your chin is thin. In order to emphasize your feminine features, avoid first of all cuts that are too long and stiff, which will only accentuate the elongated face. Apart from that, you can afford anything! Go for short to medium-length cuts, and have fun with bangs! Straight bangs, locks on the side, play with the movements to rebalance the proportions. As for the square face, don’t hesitate to create volume, movement, waves, to energize your face!

Examples: Side-Swept Bangs, Wavy Shoulder-Length

Triangle faces

You have an triangle face. Your forehead is predominant compared to your chin. You need to find a cut that will balance the proportions. Opt for square or mid-length cuts that will gently redefine the curves of your face. We bet on the volume, but not too much, not to create a too strong contrast. You can also afford bangs: thick fringe, fringe with a gradient, light wick… However, avoid at all costs long and stiff cuts that will not highlight you.

Examples: Layers that finish at the eyes/cheekbones or collarbone, choppy pixie cuts, short side bangs


You have a diamond face if your cheekbones stand out, and your chin and forehead are quite thin. Your face shape is very feminine, but you’ll need to follow a few tips and figure out which haircut is right for you to show it off! Avoid very geometric or straight haircuts, which will emphasize the angles. You can have any length, but the idea is to soften the cheekbones by favoring unstructured, soft cuts, all in movement. Go for waves, curls and volume at the roots! Partings and highlights on the side will also make you look good.

Examples: Blunt Bob, Long Layers and Side-Swept, Old Hollywood Waves, “Pineapple” Updo, Natural Curly Bob With Bangs

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