Best Glasses for Each Face Shape

Round faces

For those with a more circular face, the goal is to create definition through your glasses. To make your face narrower and longer, opt for angular and narrower frame styles. Pairs of glasses with a clear bridge will define your eyes, while more rectangular and wider frames will help balance your face shape.

Examples: Rectangular frame glasses, Cat-Eye Glasses, Square Glasses

Square Faces

Narrow frames are your friend here – as they will aim to soften your strong jaw line. Frames with more width than depth – especially oval and round styles – will make your face longer. Try to avoid square styles and darker frames, opt for metallic styles instead.

Examples: Browline glasses, Round glasses, Boxy wireframes

Oblong faces

Wide oval frames or tall boxy frames contrast with oblong facial features and give you a more well balanced look. Conversely, glasses with high lenses are commonly best suited to shorten long faces. Depending on your taste, you can choose from a variety of eyeglass frames.

Examples: Two-tone glasses, Square glasses, Thick frame glasses, Oval eyeglasses

Triangle faces

The best way to contrast the angularity of your face is to wear glasses that are rounded. Frames with soft corners and rounded edges will bring some balance to your look and highlight your best features.

Examples: Aviator Glasses , Wayfarer Glasses , Geometric Glasses , Cat-Eye Glasses

Diamond Faces

If you’re someone whose face is narrow in both the eyes and the jaw, you need to find width and balance in your frames. Choose very heavy styles, such as semi-rimless, cat-eye, rectangular and oval glasses.

Examples: Cat-eye glasses, Oval glasses, square glasses

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