Square Face Hairstyles

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How to recognize a square face?

As for the shape that characterizes it, the square face has a length about equal to its width, with a discreet chin and an assertive jawline, as well as a fairly wide forehead. These are features that we would describe as rather masculine, but which can easily be softened with the right haircut.

Which haircuts to choose

As everything is a question of proportions in hairstyling, it will be a question of lengthening your square face to make it as oval as possible. Nothing better for that than long hair, with for example a gradient which will begin at the level of the jaw or which will surround the face. But you can also bet on the very short with a unstructured boyish cut which will bring volume on the top of the head to make your face longer, or a plunging square which will also lengthen your features. For curly hair, we taper a little to minimize the volume on the sides that would enhance the square shape. And nothing prevents you from falling for bangs, even with a square face: simply prefer a long fringe or an asymmetrical lock to soften your features. When it comes to hairstyles, opt for clean styles, with nothing sticking out, like a high ponytail or an ultra chic bun.

What haircuts to avoid

If you don’t want to emphasize the strong character of your face, avoid straight squares, especially those that reach the chin, as well as bangs that are too straight, which would accentuate the square side of your face, making it even more strict. For hairstyles, the bohemian style with its loose bun and romantic braid crown would bring too much volume on the sides of the face.

Which haircut with a square face according to its age?

After the age of 40, the face begins to take on a slightly more square shape, regardless of its original shape. We will then prefer a cut that brings a little more roundness to our features and softens them, such as a lob or a wavy bob. Towards the age of 50 and 60, hair tends to lose density and the features of a square face become a little harder, particularly because of the wrinkles that set in. The best thing to do is to choose a length that is not too long to avoid hair that is too mousse-like, and a cut that will soften your features, such as a trendy 90s bob.

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