Bowl Cut hairstyle: 4 reasons to adopt it

In the street, on the catwalk and on social networks: the bowl cut is all the rage.
Its characteristic? Forming a ball all around the head with lengths totally equalized.
Many celebrities have embraced it. Among them, the famous Charlize Theron and Miley Cyrus Here
are several reasons why this cut is a success:

It gives character to the face

Graphic, modern and original, this short cut does not go unnoticed and brings a lot of pep to the face.

If you want to highlight your features with a dynamic and trendy cut, this is the one you need!

It is easily adjustable

The longer strands on the top of the head and the front of the face offer a wide variety of styling options and make it very easy to transform the cut. For example, you can style the hair back for a glamorous look, place it towards the front of the face for a more chic look or tousle it with a wax for a tomboyish look.

Bowl cut fits all face shapes

Do you have prominent cheekbones? Soften the oval of the face by
leaving some longer strands on the sides. Do you have a high forehead?
Let the fringe of your bowl cut fall just at the level of your eyebrows.
Want to refine your features? Tapering the top and sides of the cut will give your hair more lightness and movement.

It’s also good for fine hair

If you have very thin hair, you should know that this cut can create the illusion of a denser material. Indeed, the sides and the nape of the neck being shorter than the top of the head, the impression of volume is thus multiplied by ten. Now you know everything! Are you going to fall for this year’s short haircut trend too?

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